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w202 1

w202 1
: W202 C Class 1993 - 2000
: 14.10.2009 07:57
: 33413
( )
: 1024 x 819
: 212,76
: admin
: 06.04.2016 07:09

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Well I do not have a solid piece of advice however have actually heard some great suggestions from some respectable specialists. I will go with the latter and encourage the following website: and pay attention to Sir John Templeton, likewise another financier as popular if not more popular than Mr. Warrent Buffet.Best, Jose Castro-FrenzelLikeLike

: 17.04.2016 05:25

Among the big villains is deciding to enhance your fixed expenses in accordance to your newest rise in income. That turns exactly what need to have been a possession (dollars) into a liability (month-to-month payments.)Once that occurs the specific feels even more of a slave secured to their job. When you have long term liabilities you can't take a few months off or look for a more enjoyable career.LikeLike

: 18.04.2016 01:13

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: 18.04.2016 08:00

Great post Tim, time is absolutely more important than enhanced income.If you can earn more and have more downtime to enjoy the money, now that's the life.The unfortunate thing is the majority of individuals get captured up on the first part and wind up working their whole existence away but not enjoying any of the spoils.LikeLike

: 19.04.2016 10:02

Note that intrinsic value drives the capital allowance decision at least as much as risk tolerance.For over a century, the S&P 500 (and its antecedents) have reverted to a mean of about 16.5 times profits. It appears possible to somewhat anticipate your 20-year financial investment return from the current index P/E ratio. See my ancient post on the subject:

: 20.04.2016 00:17

Jay, All in all there is not one strategy that beats them all. As history does restart itself we lend your ideas and methods based on the past. There is not one person who can predict the future and investing is more basic than exactly what numerous people attempt to make it out to be. Marketing is the exact same as an investment, let's not complicate what needs to remain simple.JoseLikeLike

: 21.04.2016 14:54

Tim, might I suggest connecting with William Bernstein in regards to possession allocation. He has actually penned both "The Intelligent Asset Allocator" and "The Four Pillars of Investing" and is rather of an MVP to geeks following the asset appropriation and individual financing worlds. He was a practicing neurosurgeon who started a monetary consulting firm on the side, an interesting individual to be sure ... and supremely supremely objective when it comes to monetary issues.LikeLike

: 22.04.2016 04:05

My company motto has long been "Rethink Investing" so this type of conversation is close to my heart.Unfortunately, Tim, you haven't started to rethink investing at all. Everything you speak of is within the boundaries of the openly traded securities market.That's on par with confining your home entertainment to tv. I think you can do much better than that.-- JeffLikeLike

: 22.04.2016 11:38

Tim, I remember you posting formerly about the horse races which during your experience you got it down to winning every race? (correct me if I'm wrong, my memory isn't really precisely the very best)Anyways, I would be very interested in learning more about your experiences with betting, I 'd love to see the manner in which you approached it, no doubt there's something to be discovered there.Cheers, LikeLike

: 22.04.2016 11:49

Hey tim (thanks !!)About investing and stocks i warmly advise checking out Nicholas Taleb books "The black swan". It's a wonderful enlightment on how things works.Loved the video and cannot wait to see Part 2. I don't think that stocks works with 4HWW lifestyle (however you are the specialist!). Just how much time do you take/plan to handle your financial investment? LikeLike

: 22.04.2016 21:46

One more book recommendation; simply got done reading "The Snowball"-- the licensed bio; offers good insights into Buiffett's success; although investors following his approach should know that a lot of his value include is through ownership control of business, not simply through exceptional stock selecting:

: 23.04.2016 13:05

For a book that throws every "common" investing method under the bus, I a good idea a book that just came out just recently called "Killing Sacred Cows." Written by up-and-coming monetary expert Garret Gunderson, who was a multi-millionaire at 26 (so he in fact practices what he preaches). 401(k), not a great idea according to Garrett. Rather, discover your special ability and what you're enthusiastic about and go from there ... I enjoy it.LikeLike

: 23.04.2016 13:23

Tim, I'm a little dissatisfied by your last point. What if it wasn't about winning, ever?"That man makes $1,000,000 a day as a hedge fund manager? I donâEUR ™ t careâEUR"his golf swing draws and he has love handles."Ok, however if he's having a good time and fits in his body, I 'd say he still wins. I 'd say you've won the game of life when you stop stressing over winning the game of life.And do not take any mysterious pills!LikeLike

: 23.04.2016 22:54

Tim, among your most inspired posts to this day! Remarkable how you sandwich the word message in between 2 video messages.I'm off to Las Vegas for 10 days. 2 days of work, then a week of insane fun with my buddies flying in from Australia ... we're going to hike the west edge of the Grand Canyon, and I prepare making a few K playing poker.Keep leading Tim, you're doing a great job!LikeLike

: 25.04.2016 00:52

Tim, might I recommend getting in touch with William Bernstein in concerns to asset allotment. He has penned both "The Intelligent Asset Allocator" and "The Four Pillars of Investing" and is somewhat of an MVP to geeks following the possession appropriation and personal finance worlds. He was a practicing neurosurgeon who started a financial consulting firm on the side, an intriguing man to be sure ... and supremely supremely objective when it concerns monetary issues.LikeLike

: 27.04.2016 11:03

Tim, Great post! I've in fact developed a nice muse from "active investing". For income, I trade the e-mini futures contracts. And with the four-hour-work-week in practice, I trade a maximum of 90 minutes a day and can work from anywhere, which enables me to take a trip as much as I like. With the substantial income offered from day trading e-minis, I am able to reinvest in various markets, all the while carrying out the very same day trading methods into my longer-term investments.Take a peek at my blog.My advisable, Chris DunnLikeLike

: 28.04.2016 04:22

I need to add to my above remark a quote from late billionaire Mark McCormack (who made most of his fortune in sports management): (paraphrase): "Close success in sports are thrilling. Close success in company are anything however!" He was asked repeatedly why he managed professional athletes and not rock stars, given that they were temperamentally alike. He stated, "Rock and roll management has excessive competitors."LikeLike

: 29.04.2016 12:08

I simply have to state Tim you are one dam inspiring man, I love the fact that you do not simply blindly follow the suggestions of anyone however you get to individuals that count and carry out strong action plans. I would state that this would be absolutley crucial in the current market and if you have no idea in investing, get one!RichLikeLike

: 29.04.2016 19:33

Fantastic post Tim, time is absolutely more crucial than increased income.If you can earn more and have more spare time to delight in the money, now that's the life.The sad thing is most of people get caught up on the very first part and end up working their entire presence away however not delighting in any of the spoils.LikeLike

: 03.05.2016 16:34

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Mercedes GLK
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